Earn Money Online From Completing Simple Tasks

Simple Tasks

Unless you have a longer time availability which you can utilize in order to apply to some client-based jobs, completing simple tasks or micro tasks during your free time can also be a good option. Not only that, the skills we can learn from these simple jobs can be used as additional credentials when we opted to pursue a client-based work.

Different Types of Work We Can Do Online

Online Working

Online Working is not anymore a new thing and it has been continuously growing every year. According to the Department of Science and Technology, the Philippines is now among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of people doing online jobs.  Plus, more cities in the country have joined the league of 100 destinations all over the world ideal for Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM). Source

Top Ways to Receive Online Payment

Online Payment

Online payment processors that we could use to receive money from our online clients or working sites are also available. These are additional ways that we can use aside from PayPal. My previous post presented highlights on PayPal as the most popular online payment processor accepted worldwide. Formerly regarded as a member of the eBay Inc. A corporate family of companies but is now a separate company. PayPal is known for its reliability, safe and fast online transaction. Paypal can…

How to Verify PayPal Using PayMaya

How to Verify PayPal Using PayMaya

Paypal is an established online money processing site which is serving a large percentage of the world population. They offer services like sending and receiving remittances, payroll, transfer of fund from one entity to another. Most online earning sites are using PayPal as primary way of sending payments. The issues related to verifying Paypal accounts still exists up to this time. This is because everyday, more and more people such as newly graduates, students and…

PayPal…How to Open an Account?


What is PayPal and how important it is in online freelancing? Basically, before we begin working,  the first thing we would like to know is how we will be paid. How do I get paid for my work? Do I need to open a bank account? Will they send me checks?

The Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home

Working for a living is a crucial part of our life. We need a primary source of income in order to sustain out our day-to-day expenses. Daily activities would usually start at 4:00 AM. We need to wake up this early in order prepare for today’s work.

How to Earn Online During Your Spare Time

spare time

Online working is setting a trend in the global economy nowadays. Many people are now turning to having an online career over the traditional day job. Online jobs are already popular nowadays and in fact, more and more people are opting to work using the internet because of the many advantages it could offer. One of the best things that the new technology has brought to the world is the opportunity to earn online during our spare…

Expectations and Realities


Sometimes we set expectations that are way beyond realities. Working online has been my favorite way of spending my free time since the last part of 2010 when I was assigned in another place for which I wouldn’t be able to come home on a daily basis. In my desire to allocate my spare time on a more productive way, I decided to find another source of income, something which could help me augment my…