PayPal…How to Open an Account?

What is PayPal and how important it is in online freelancing? Basically, before we begin working,  the first thing we would like to know is how we will be paid. How do I get paid for my work? Do I need to open a bank account? Will they send me...

Working from home

The Benefits of Working From Home

Working for a living is a crucial part of our life. We need a primary source of income in order to sustain out our day-to-day expenses. Daily activities would usually start at 4:00 AM. We need to wake up this early in order prepare for today’s work.

spare time

How to Earn Online During Your Spare Time

Whether we intend to work for a full time or during our extra time, we can always find an online work which could give as an additional income. Online jobs are already popular nowadays and in fact, more and more people are opting to work using the internet because of...


Expectations and Realities

Sometimes we set expectations that are way beyond realities. Working online has been my favorite way of spending my free time since the last part of 2010 when I was assigned in another place for which I wouldn’t be able to come home on a daily basis. In my desire...