Taking a Bold Step to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

The growing demand for Virtual Assistants in today’s online working field has been noticeable during the past few years. The freelancing industry is on the rise not only the United States but throughout the whole world.

On the data released by Due.com, it was stated that there are approximately 53 million freelancers in the US contributing $715 Billion in earnings to the national economy. In the Philippines, there is no concrete statistical data showing how many Filipinos are working in the Virtual Assisting field. One reason is that most are working on a part-time and they may have other day jobs.

But in an article posted in the Department of Science and Technology in August of 2016, it was stated that the department is eyeing around 500 thousand freelance web-based workers in the provinces by 2016. If I would base some personal analysis on the given data, I could somehow say that at the time of writing this post, there may be more than millions of Filipinos who are currently working as a virtual assistant. There are even more who are currently looking towards entering this career field.

If you are one of the many people who is currently searching for a career in the virtual assisting field, this article is for you.

Being a Virtual Assistant is a serious career. If you are aiming to gain success in this field, it is imperative that you make necessary preparations before entering the virtual assisting field. Here are some vital points to consider.

Working place

Contains table,, chairs, lampshade and office cabinet
Home Office

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A comfortable, well-ventilated, well lighted and a noise-free working environment is the first thing that we must secure if we are planning to start in the freelancing world. Having a home office where you could do your online stuff and other related activities is something that has to be considered.

A table and a comfortable chair, as well as filing cabinets or similar items, must be present if possible. This will help us to be more organized with our daily routine.



Taking a bold step to become a successful virtual assistant

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A desktop computer or a laptop with at least 8G memory and an iCore5 processor will be a good thing to have. Remember, we need to be particular about the speed. That faster our laptop process the data, the more work we can accomplish. However, we should not set aside the convenience and the memory capacity of the unit. So much so, having a good battery life is needed.

Accessories like headset, webcam, and microphone should come in handy. Although it would still depend on what specific work you are planning to do. If you are planning to concentrate on writing, then probably you wouldn’t be needing accessories like a microphone.

Internet Connection

I think this is one of the common setbacks of those people from rural areas like me. Generally, the strength of the internet connection in our place is not reliable to be used for working online. I usually hear people complaining about their internet connection. We have three (3) main players in this industry at present.

Though my internet connection may not be the best, I have a lot of courage and determination. An explanation can be found below.


Online tools refer to those applications available online which we could use to facilitate our work. These may include automation software, sorting, design applications, organizing, and collaboration. Learning how to make use of these tools will help us in whatever field we may consider.



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Before we decide on what career field we would pursue, it is important to have a skill that we can use in order to find a work that is suitable for us. Although we can also learn an additional skill, it is important that we already have at least one strong point. We can enhance the skill that we have by taking necessary lessons that may be available.

Personal Motivation


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Working as a Virtual Assistant or pursuing any career online may not be that easy. In fact, this is one of the most difficult careers as you have to do it on your own. You have to provide your own equipment, you need to find your own client and you need to learn on your own.

Unlike working in a traditional work, you will be provided with the necessary tools and equipment and you will have your own office. The good thing about it is that you can apply your own strategies and you can work on your own schedule and place.


It is very important that the people around you are there to support you. One of the most common issues we might encounter is when our closest family do not even support us. The people around us might even question the credibility of our work. Well, I guess this is only applicable to some parts of the world, like our place where working online is not yet as popular as in the US and UK.

But there is a solution for this. Find people having a common goal as you have. Find friends that share your endeavor. You may not find them offline but for sure, there are people like you in the online world.

Courage and Determination

For me, this is the most important factor. You may have all the high–end equipment, the fastest internet connection and everything you need but you lack courage and determination, everything will not turn out as we expect it to be. Because the most important thing is your own mindset.

Expect failures along the way. We will encounter a lot of hurdles and difficulties. No wonder, I am still alone in this field. With all the friends I tried to bring along, still, I ended up standing alone on the battlefield. I can’t blame them. This is really a difficult thing and only the best will survive.

Taking a Bold Step to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant
Taking a Bold Step to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant

On the final thought…

Our success depends mostly on our own action. Additionally, being a successful Virtual Assistant may not be too difficult if we have someone who could guide us along the way.

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