How I Made $3,636.10 From Humanatic

How I Made $3,636.10 From Humanatic

Humanatic is the first site that gives a boost to my online earnings. Looking at my current income, it is surprising to see that I already earned $3,636.10 from the site. This amount might not be as high as what others are earning from their sites but I am proud of this small achievement. I have been sharing this opportunity since I discovered the site and I would be glad to continuously share whatever knowledge I have to help those who want to earn from working from home.

humanatic payment
My earnings from Humanatic

I am an ordinary employee and as we all know, we have to devote the time from 8 to 5 for a day job. Thus, we can only work online after office hours and during weekends. But in my case, I also need to spend more or less four (4) hours of travel time because my workplace is located 64 kilometers away from my home.

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Much as I wanted to give up either of my two current jobs, I know that my offline work offers a security of tenure which cannot be found with my online work. So much so, my online work is a big help to augment my financial deficiencies due to low salary and high travel expenses. I must admit, my online work has been a great help especially during the time when my son was still in college. Thankfully, he already graduated and already earning on his own. Managing my somewhat limited time is crucial in order to add a little amount in the pocket.

Before I discovered Humanatic, I have already been trying out different online sites in order to earn an additional amount. I tried almost anything that I came across with. Name it – PTC sites, surveys sites, writing and other task-based sites. Without much knowledge of this type of work, I applied a trial-and-error approach. Most of the sites I joined were either low earner or doesn’t pay at all. That’s one of the realities of working online. If you failed and you gave up, you won’t probably experience the benefits that working online could offer.

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is an online site which offers jobs on categorizing calls. The site has different call centers as clients. These companies receive tons of calls every day which need to be reviewed by the management.  Reviewing those calls may require a considerable amount of time which would require the hiring of additional employees. Humanatic has created a system to ease the burden on these companies by offering the categorizing calls service. This way, only those important calls that need to be reviewed by the management shall be returned to them. While those calls not anymore needed to be reviewed shall be discarded. These companies saved cost for hiring additional employees. On the other hand, Humanatic was able to give work to those individuals who preferred to work from home.

Many Filipinos and individuals from other countries were given a chance to work from the comfort of their homes. For several years that Humanatic is operating, thousands of online workers have been benefited from the site. Up to this time, the site is continuously growing and helping thousands of Filipinos to earn from their home.

How to Join Humanatic?

The basic requirement before one can join the site is a valid and a verified PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you may refer to THIS PAGE to guide you in creating one. If you already have a verified PayPal account, you may continue to their site for the signing up process. Click HERE to sign up. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your sign in details.

How Much is the Minimum Payment?

The minimum amount before you qualify for a payout is $10.00. The site pays on a weekly basis. You have to request payment as soon as you reached $10.00 and the payment will be credited to your PayPal account on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

Things to Remember

  • There is no Registration Fee For Joining

Humanatic is easy to use and joining is always free. If you encounter individuals requiring you to pay a certain amount before you could start working, that is not from Humanatic because the site will never ask payment from you. You can join the site regardless of your nationality as long as you have a verified PayPal account.

  • Focus on Quality

Make sure to read the overview of each category before you start working. Maintaining a high accuracy rating is better than completing a high number of tasks without ensuring the correctness of the answers. Repeatedly committing mistakes may lead to deactivation of your account.

  •  Connect With Other Members

It would always be a good thing if you have other friends whom you could ask questions regarding the site. As of now, there are some Facebook Groups which you may join. I am a member of Humanatic Elite. However, if you prefer to work on your own, it would also be okay.

On the final thought…

With the different online working sites opening almost every day, Humanatic remained to be strong and continuously growing as the passing of time. Just stick with the rules, be patient and work hard in order to achieve success with the site.

There are individuals who are working on a full time and I can say, they are earning enough for their daily living. You may leave your questions below if you have other queries. I will try to answer based on my knowledge.

Thank you for dropping by and have a great day!

How I Made $3,636.10 From Humanatic
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