6 Things to Consider When Writing a Blog Post

6 Things to Consider When Writing a Blog Post

Writing is one of the basic skills one has to learn in order to succeed in the field of blogging.  Although there are other skills which we need to learn in order to be a successful blogger, writing would still be the preliminary skill that needs to be developed. As we all know, communication is the main ingredient of marketing which requires writing.

With the increasing popularity of blogging among networkers and marketers, the demand for high-quality blog posts is also on the rise. A well-written content is a basic ingredient to gain leads and sale. Thereby, it is imperative that we could come up with a high-quality blog post in order to have a place in the rising competition in the blogging field.

53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

(HubSpot, 2017)

Being new to the field of blogging, I am much grateful to Bitlanders for the knowledge I gained in terms of blogging especially in creating blog posts. Instead of enrolling in high-priced tutorials, you might consider joining the site. Bitlanders conducts reviews of blog posts submitted by its members before publishing. A corresponding reward and additional tips for the improvement of one’s work shall be given after the review. This way, the members would strive hard in order to submit high-quality content based on the guidelines implemented by the site.

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Here are the 6 things to consider when writing a blog post:

(1) Title

The title is the very first thing a reader would see in your blog post. A well-crafted blog title will have a big influence on the readers’ decision. Having a unique and interesting title will help to encourage the readers to visit the site.

When I started with Bitlanders, I have a little to no idea about the proper way of creating a good title for a blog post. Presenting a post to social media might not be effective if you do not know how to create a title that would encourage those who came across the social media posts to read the whole content. As I began to explore the site, I learned a lot of things and one of those is creating a good blog content.

I made several kinds of research and I  came along with this article from Hubspot. According to this article, an ideal number of a blog title blog should be between 6 to 13 words.

Number of Words in Blog Title

Image Credits: Hubspot

Moreover, having a number in the title is also a good thing to consider. How To’s titles may be as effective as well. So much so, creating an intriguing and catchy phrase may do the trick. However, we should see to it that the title does not mislead our readers. Otherwise, we might lose our credibility which may hurt us in the long run.

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(2) Introduction

The introduction is a short description of what the post is all about. This is the part which explains the reason why the reader must proceed with the whole article. Creating an appealing introduction is significant in retaining the readers’ interest. We should keep in mind that readers may easily get bored and close the page before they could even get into the main content of the blog.

Here are some suggestions in order to maintain the engagement of the readers:

  1. Create an intriguing introduction
  2. Ask relevant questions
  3. Share a story
  4. Start with an interesting fact

(3) Blog Content

The blog content is a detailed presentation of the whole idea of the blog post. This is where we present the main topic. Our presentation of the ideas will determine the level of engagement of the reader. Keeping it simple and easy to understand is the best way to retain the reader’s attention.

Here are some tips in order to create a truly engaging content

  • Keep your sentences short and easy to comprehend. We don’t need to use highly complex terms in order to impress the readers. Let us keep in mind that not all readers have English as their mother tongue.
  • Use graphs, charts, and lists if necessary for easy understanding.
  • Use relevant images and infographics
  • Embed videos for added emphasis

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(4) Images and Videos

When an individual opens our post, the first thing they would notice is the image we have on it. When we share our posts on social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other sites, the members of that specific sites will have a preview of the image of the blog post. Having a good blog graphics will help those members of the particular social media site to click the link and read our content.


(5) Tags

Tags are necessary for SEO purposes. We can write an awesome post but if we haven’t added a relevant tag/s, our post will not be able to reach the right audience.

(6) Call to Action

A call to action is the ultimate thing we want our readers to do. Without an action button, we will not be able to achieve what we are aiming why we wrote the post.

On the final thought…

Writing a blog post requires careful analysis in order to come up with a high-value content that will encourage more people to read.

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