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Why Online Workers and Sites Choose PayPal?

Most individuals who are working online prefer to work with sites or companies that pay through PayPal. This is because PayPal offers much lower fees compared to other payment processors. Additionally, Paypal supports the majority of the countries around the world. Over the years, PayPal had gained the trust of the online working community.

In the Philippines, we can withdraw PayPal fund directly to our banks in as short as 2 days after the request. We can also use PayPal to purchase from online shops and merchants. Moreover, companies or sites can send payment in low amounts. This is the reason why most sites prefer this payment processor.

PayPal implements strict policies for the protection of their clients. This is why most online sites would usually require their members to have a verified PayPal account before they could send payment. PayPal account is simple to open, in fact, it won’t take you long to have one.  If you don’t have PayPal account yet, You can refer HERE for the complete guide.

Sites That Pay Through PayPal

Earning a few amount of dollars from different online sites is one way of achieving our goal of having financial freedom. Although, if we are lucky enough to get a site where we can earn that much, oftentimes, several sites would only offer a small number of tasks which would give us a minimal amount. Thus, it is a good strategy to work on different online sites that even though they offer a small amount of income, what is important is that they are always paying.

We can just gather the amounts in one payment processor so as that we will have something to pull out at the end of the month. We know that when smaller amounts are combined together, it could be enough that we can collect at the end of each month. Keeping a good strategy which we could follow would certainly help us in achieving our target earnings.

For this reason, I gathered these online sites that pay through PayPal. I am a member of these sites so I can vouch for their integrity. You may drop your queries if you have any in the comment section below:

(1) Bitlanders 

Bitlanders is a social media, a blogging platform and a gaming site in one. When you enter the site for the first time, you will notice that it is has a setting almost similar to the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. BUZZ is the term used equivalent to like and you can comment on any post on the site. Members from around the world could share photos, videos/movies, microblogs and blog posts.

This is my main source of income since Augst 2017 up to the writing of this post. Though I signed up and became a member several years ago, I only decided to be active last year after reactivating my account and decided to give my full concentration after learning the proper strategies. It’s been six (6) months since I returned and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The main way to earn from the site is through writing a blog post and submitting the same for review to be rated and eventually to earn BUZZ points and GEMS. It may sound complicated at first but as soon as you get familiarized with the system, everything will be easy. Earning $10 or more per day is possible.

If you are interested, you may visit the site HERE.

(2) Humanatic

Humanatic logo

Image Credits: Bitlanders.com

Humanatic one of my best paying site of all times. Though my activities with Humanatic has been reduced, I still considered it as one of the best sites that have helped a lot of fellow Filipinos to earn money online. Related Post:  Humanatic… One Great Experience.

The main job with Humanatic is to review pre-recorded voice conversations between dealers and clients. These are calls from call centers which have been recorded by the company to categorize each call that would help the companies concerned to save their time and thereby increase productivity.

As a member of the site, we are given tasks to review each call depending on the category. Listening and understanding the English language is the main skill required for this job. Having a verified PayPal account is one of the main requirement before anyone can be accepted.

Here is a screenshot of my latest payment from Humanatic.

payment proof
My latest payment from Humanatic

Sign up and start earning!

Visit Humanatic HERE.

(3) MicroWorkers

microWorkers is an online platform where employers and workers meet for the completion of a certain task. It has been online for several years and still growing through the test of time. With over 1 million members all over the world, you are assured of the legitimacy of the site.

If you love to complete micro-tasks or simple tasks which may include signing up, follow, commenting, liking, downloading apps, viewing a video and other simple tasks, you may find microWorkers a good site. The rate may vary depending on the complexity of the task. Payment per tasks may range from $ 0.07 to $ 0.60 for simple tasks. The minimum payment is $9.00 plus fee through PayPal. Other payment processors are Dwolla (for US Members), Moneybookers (Skrill) and Payoneer (requires $20.00 minimum).

Visit MicroWorkers HERE

(4) Spare5

If you are a person who is particular about the details, you will surely love this site. Spare5 is a site offering micro tasks related to designs such as vehicle bounding boxes, cuboids, tracing of images, reviews of photographs, segmentation, and other simple tasks. During my first days, I also encountered tasks which require creating test questions for students and sample queries for some companies. However, lately, most tasks are related to designs.

Before you would be given tasks, you will be required to take some training and tutorials and qualifiers. Once you passed the qualifier, you are now eligible to receive tasks that you can complete.

The minimum payment has been reset to the original amount,1 dollar. It has been increased to $5 and after some time, the site decided to adopt the original scheme.

You may visit Spare5 HERE.

(5) ScaleAPI

This is almost similar to Spare 5 in terms of tasks. The only difference is that this site pays by the hour while Spare5 pays per task. ScaleAPI pays through PayPal on a weekly basis.

Visit ScaleAPI HERE

(6) HubPages

It’s one of the oldest writing sites online. Members earn through revenue sharing and placing affiliate links on their articles.

Visit HubPages HERE

(7) Beer Money Forum

If you love to interact with the community, you will definitely love this site. A member can earn by starting a discussion and posting comments. Similarly, you can earn an additional point when you complete some tasks in the marketplace. A member can request payment as soon as he/she reached the minimum of $5.00.

Normally, the site would pay once a month. But for a special reason, we can request as soon as we hit the minimum. Mr. B, the site’s owner is a very approachable person.

Here is a screenshot of the latest payment I received from the site.

BMF Payment
My latest BMF Payment

Vist BeerMoneyForum HERE

(8) Forum Coin

Another forum site where you can earn through participation in the community discussion and referring other members to the site. The currency they are using on the site is ForumCoin where the members can request payment as soon as the reached 500 ForumCoins or $5.00. Requests are usually processed within 48 hours.

Here is the payment I got from the site recently.

Latest payment received from Forum Coin
Latest payment received from Forum Coin

It’s easy to earn from the site because you don’t have to write long articles. You have to participate in the discussion by making a reply on the existing topics or starting your own topic. Earning may not be that high but you can earn some amount every day.

Visit Forum Coin HERE.

Stay tuned for the guide on how to earn from Forum Coin.

(10) The Forum Wheel

The Forum Wheel is an online exchange community that helps the members earn extra cash while interacting with the community. I just recently joined the site due to the positive reviews I read. Based on the review I read the site is among the highest paying forums online.

You may visit the site from  HERE      HERE HERE       

(11) MyLot

MyLot is the very first forum that I discovered online when I was just starting my online career. I have read some facebook posts saying that joining forums can increase the chance of learning new things, growing network and finding some referrals to the site.  I wasn’t aware that the site was paying when I joined and just learned about it when I noticed some amount on the upper right portion of the monitor. You may not earn a huge amount from the site but the knowledge you will learn can help you in jour online journey. The members are very friendly and helpful.

Visit myLot HERE

(12) Virily

I frequently came across posts from this site but never got a chance to join until last week. We can earn by posting articles to the site, by reading other member’s posts, liking and commenting and logging in every day.

On the final thought…

Earning online may not be as difficult as we thought it would be. In fact, we can work during our free time and earn some decent amount. A small amount from different sources will form a bigger amount when pooled together.

Knowing the proper strategy on every site will help us earn some amount which can help us with our daily needs. Moreover, we don’t need to join a lot of online programs in order to earn more. Choose which site or specific sites could give us more income at a little amount of time and concentrate on these programs.

Thank you for dropping by. Hope you learned something worthwhile from this post.



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