Bitlanders: The Story Behind My Success


Bitlanders is a gem which I took for granted for such a long time. Here is my story how I discovered the true value of this site.

Unproductive Beginning of the Year

The year 2017 has a very unwelcoming start as far as my online earning activities are concerned. One of my sites, Humanatic became unstable and I keep on encountering technical glitches. Another site, My Paying Ads turned scam. I still have other sites, like Spare5 and Clixsense but those sites required that I spend a long time before I could earn some considerable amount. After a while, Clixsense made an announcement that they would no longer pay through PayPal. I was forced to stop using the site after my payment was stuck in Payoneer.

My earnings started to slow down which forced me to consider looking for other sites. My offline work also created several changes during the early part of the 3rd quarter which caused me to make some adjustments to my daily routine. I must admit, working online is something that is unstable and we should always be ready in case anything unusual happens.

My Return to Blogging 

My heart was heavy because of the change in my assignment and other things which are not going well at that time. I decided to resume blogging. I have been trying my luck in blogging way back, but it seems that I am not going anywhere with this activity.  But as someone who is aiming to be successful, I don’t entertain any failure to stop me from pursuing my goal, that is to be successful in blogging and to have a name in the industry.

I know that I would still have to do a lot of sacrifices before I could achieve success in this field. But I am ready to face anything.

I set up my site with and purchased domain and hosting. Setting up the site was not that easy. For someone who has no formal education in web design, it was exhausting. After trial and error strategy, my site was successfully created. I started writing and after more than a month, I submitted my site to Adsense.

I failed. It did not end there. I failed 3 times and I said, to myself… wait, I must have been doing it wrong.

I tried to ask for help from my fellow Filipinos whom I know to be doing well on this field but to no avail. Everything comes with a price. Well, that’s reality. I need to learn on my own again.

I was at that time, visiting a forum which I have been a member for a long time. Until one member caught my attention because she kept on mentioning about a certain site which I abandoned several years ago because I could understand how the site works.

Returning to Bitlanders Was a Wise Decision

Out of curiosity, I decided to recover my login details and started again with the Bitlanders. But unlike before, this time I worked really hard on learning everything about the site. I started searching Google and learned few tips on how I could earn money from the site. I wrote my first content and submitted it for review. After three days, the result came in. I was so nervous because of fear that my post will not be accepted.

I received a very low rating of 2 stars having 5 stars as the highest.  with some suggestions for improvement. Receiving a low rating did not discourage me from going further. Instead, I take the comments seriously and started reviewing the rules, guidelines and other matters included in the FAQs. I also read about the BUZZ and how I could get a higher buzz score. I became so serious that I totally disregard all my other online sites to give my full concentration with Bitlanders.

Climbing Up the Bitlanders LeaderBoard

Bitlanders LeaderBoard
My progress in the LeaderBoard

As I continue to write and submit my contents for review, I continue to learn more about blogging. My rating started to improve and my BUZZ score increased dramatically. Miss Hilary’s advice had stayed in my heart. I work for the improvement of my work which eventually earned a good result. I could never be happy as I witness my rank going up on the LeaderBoard. This has made me even more serious and dedicated to the work.

During the last part of December, I was able to reach the highest rank on the LeaderBoard. One of the happiest moments in my entire online working career.

Top 1
Reaching the top

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My work has been appreciated by many. I started receiving perfect ratings for some of my blog posts. This means higher Buzz points and higher earnings. My daily income continues to increase along with my rank.

Payments Received:


It took me more than one month before I reached the payment threshold set by the site. After submitting the required documents, I was able to receive my first payment after a week of waiting. Slowly, I get used to the new routine and I found my new blogging activity somehow easier as the passing of time. My daily income also increased so I can reach the minimum payment requirement within a short period of time.

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The first payment I received from the site was $10.00. After that, I received an amount of $25.00, then  $50.00 and finally, received an amount of $100.00. After comparing the different fees of the payments I received, I decided to wait till I reached $100.00 before requesting payment. This way, I could save some amount on fees and charges.

I should say that Bitlanders has been the Best Gift I had in 2017.

As I continue my daily activities, I learned new things which I am sure could help me even with my own blog site.

As of now, I am happy with my achievement with Bitlanders. Since I could not devote my full time to the site, I am satisfied with what I am earning from it. The rank keeps on changing every day. Though I am not on number 1 at this time, I am happy with my achievements with continue to write.

My Future Plans:

I am planning to buy a DSLR Camera so that I may be able to learn photography. I also want to travel to other places and took a photo and write about it.

On the final thought:

If we will give focus on a particular activity, the possibility of success is great. This is what I discovered from Bitlanders. Though a lot of people were saying that it was a complicated site, still I was able to prove that the site is worth of all the efforts.

I am glad it wasn’t late for me to be truly successful with this site. If you want to join during your free time, you may join HERE.

Stay tuned for more articles and tutorials on how to earn from Bitlanders! Plus I will be including additional guides in order to earn from other sites as well. Thank you for dropping by!

You may leave a comment if you have any clarification.

Video Credits: Bitsonline via YouTube

Written for Online Working by Sharon Lopez

Sharon Lopez

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  2. Thank you for visiting and the positive impression. As of now, I considered myself as a newcomer on the field of blogging. Most of my online income came from Bitlanders. I am still in the learning process in so far as my own blog site is concerned.

    Regarding the promotion of contents, I read from various sources that Pinterest is the best way to promote our contents. That is why I am learning about it. You may check it too.

    I have visited your site and I can say it is a very good one. I can see you will have a bright future in blogging. Good luck and more power!

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