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Forum Posting is a unique way of earning an additional amount from the comfort of your home through the use of the internetOnline working is continuously gaining popularity all over the world. More and more ways of earning money through online source are coming out every day. This is part of the development. People are always thinking of new concepts and programs hoping to get at least part of the market. Businesses continue to prosper with the help of the internet.

Those who can come up with a unique and sustainable program, will likely to enjoy the benefits. Most concepts could last at least a month up to six months, while few are lucky to sustain for more than a year. But on the part of those who are working on these sites, we are looking for a more sustainable program where we can work for more years. I know there is no such thing a forever, but we are hoping for it.

Writing: The Basic Skill

One of the most popular ways of earning money from an online source is through writing. With writing as the basic skill, we can earn through several ways, like submitting articles for some online writing sites, blogging, guest blogging, copywriting, editing, creating reviews and through forum posting.

Writing a long article can really be difficult and tedious. For some individuals, it would be a challenging process to find what topic to write about and how to develop a certain subject. It requires time and thorough research before we could come up with a good article. This is one of the reasons why several individuals would go for a forum posting.

What is Forum Posting?

Forum Posting is an activity among members of a particular community with a common interest. There are sites that focus on a specific niche while there are some that covers a greater field of interest. Member can earn by sharing their ideas and opinions on a certain subject. They are paid based on several factors at the discretion of the site. This is usually included in the guidelines.

Lazada Philippines

I am a member of several Forums and community where I can earn some amount by way of interaction. Although we don’t earn that much, the knowledge and ideas of other members of the group can somehow help us with our other activities. The earnings we got from being active is an added factor.

Here are Some of the Sites That I can Recommend to Earn Some Amount:


MyLot is a place where a member can interact with the community. We can start a discussion, respond to an open discussion or comment to response under any topic. In order to start a discussion, we have to click the pencil icon on the upper menu bar located on the right side of the page.

A pop-up dialogue will open prompting you to start a discussion. Write a detailed description of what you want to discuss and add up to 5 tags. You can also add a relevant image to your post but this optional.

Earning would depend mainly on your interaction with the community. You can participate in the discussions by giving meaningful responses and comments to posts.

Other ways to earn is by completing offers which may be available from time to time. Payment will be sent to your PayPal account on the 15th of the following month as long as you have reached the minimum threshold of $5.00 at the end of the ensuing month.



Bitlanders is a social media community that rewards its users for their content and social interactions.  A social media platform that is very similar to Facebook and Twitter but only that members are getting paid for being active. With Bilanders, every member’s content is valuable and should be given a corresponding reward.

A member can post micro-blogs, blogs, images, and videos. They can also exchange info and connect with other users from all over the world. Everything will be rewarded.

How To Earn From Bitlanders:





Bitmiles: it is a global rewarding system used by Bitlanders as a tool of appreciation to its users. Every time a member completed a task, they are received Bitmiles.




Buzz Score
Buzz Score

Buzz Score is the scoring system used by the site to compute the revenues earned by the member. A member can earn buzz score through several ways. First, by a daily visit to the site, completing the daily checklist (reading blogs, watching videos, uploading your blog and inviting friends). Your friends can also give you buzz.

Once the rewards have been accumulated, a member can either use it to buy from the store or to withdraw it to their PayPal account.

Bitlanders is truly a fun and easy way to earn.

If you want to have fun while earning dollars, I highly recommend this site. JOIN HERE


I am a new member of the site but it gives me some good vibes. A Facebook friend invited me to join the site very recently. According to her, she has been paid already and she asked me to join under her referral link. Being a friend for several years, I joined and started right away.

With so many forums I did join in the past, I can say that the site is a good one. The goal of the site is to help one another to earn online. If with other sites, you are not allowed to post a referral link, with BeerMoney forum you can.

The topics allowed on the site are mostly related to making money online. If you want to learn how to make money online or to share your knowledge with other members, you are welcome to join the site. The site pays using their own currency caller BMF.

1,000 BMF Coin = S1

Minimum amount to withdraw – $1.34 ($1 to your PayPal Account and $0.34 for the PayPal fee)

Here are the different ways to earn:

Earn 500 BMF for new referral

Earn 50+ BMF for creating new thread (minimum of 350 characters)

You can Earn 15+ BMF for making new reply (minimum of 100 characters)

Earn 25BMF as Daily Login Bonus

Earn 5 BMF for the likes you received

Here is the payment proof which my friend allowed me to use in the meantime. I will be adding my own proof as soon as I reached a certain amount.

payment proof
BMF payment proof (Courtesy of SOHANNA)

Here is my profile:

profile BMF
Profile page BMF Forum













I wrote an updated post with my own payment proof HERE.

Join the site in order to learn more about making money online or sharing your knowledge with other members and earning additional amount, please feel free to do so.

I highly recommend this: JOIN HERE



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