The Role of Social Media in Blogging

Social Media

Social Media has already dominated the world. The number of users had significantly increased over the years.  At present, billions of people are already using social media either for personal or business activities.

Why People Use Social Media?

Basically, an individual may be enticed to use social media due to influences from peers, schoolmates, colleagues, and neighbors. More often, before a person may want to open a social media account, he/she already heard it from others who are using it.

Word of mouth is the greatest influencer of all time. It is seldom that we would be enticed to try out something unless we heard good things about it. Thus, social media offer features that greatly satisfies the users.

Meaning of Social Media

Social Media refers to online platforms that allow interaction between users. Contents of the platform are generated from the members like posts, photos, and other information.

Facebook – the number one social media network of all time. No doubt about that because it has more than 1,871 millions users as of April 2017 (Please refer to the table below). Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvard students and roommates in 2004. As of now, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of having a Facebook account.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. Statistics show that it has 1200 million users as of April 2017.

Youtube  is a video sharing website with more or less 1,000 million users

Instagram – Is a platform use for sharing photos which have more than 600 million users as of  April 2017

Twitter – Platform use for tweeting posts. Twitter has monthly users of more or less 319 million as of April 2017.

Pinterest – With 150 millions of monthly users as of April 2017, it is a social media website that allows users to organize and share images and videos from around the Web. Images uploaded by users are called Pins and may be organized into pinboards, which may be customized, themed and followed by other users. Users can also like or repin content shared by other pinners.  (Source:  Techopedia)

LinkedIn – is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people the y know and trust professionally (Source: WhatIs).    It has 106 million active users as of April 2017.

Most famous social network sites worldwide as of April 2017, ranked by number of active users (in millions)

social media users
Most famous social network sites worldwide as of April 2017

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With the above-given figure, we can somehow create a plan that could help us in so far as our business is concerned. Getting the proper technique and applying the right strategy can do a big improvement in our marketing activities and thus improving sales and profit.

Social Media Plays an Important Role in the Business.

Generating profit is the main purpose of setting up a business. That is why every individual who enters into business is trying to find the best way in order to promote his/her product or services. The continuous evolution of the communication system moves side by side with the improvement of technology. Word of mouth, written materials, radios, televisions has been the old ways of promoting our products or services. Although we can still use these old fashion way of promoting, people might never notice our existence.

Going with the trend is the best option to consider. Promotional activities should take into consideration the activities of the majority of individuals. A Recent study shows that billions of individuals around the world are using the internet and have social media accounts. Online is the place where almost everyone spent time throughout the day.

One of the areas that we need to address is the proper way of using the platform. Facebook, being the most visited social media network could certainly help us attain our financial goals more than the other social media platform.

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What Social Media Has To Do With Blogging?

As far as blogging is concerned, we definitely need to grow our audience or readers in order to generate more income. Driving traffic to our websites is, in fact, the top goal of every blogger in the industry.

Making use of different strategies and technical know-how can help us get the best out of these social media networks. Some helpful activities could include but not limited to joining groups of similar interest, creating pages for our business or sites, frequent updating of your social media accounts and building you name.

We may apply strategies that we consider beneficial in our field of business and we can continue to learn. There is no specific pattern for everyone because we can adopt our own strategy. We have different upbringing and adopting a certain pattern may not be advisable.

On the other hand, though we may come from different areas adopting different cultures, beliefs, and religions, people live in a world that gives high regards to integrity and character. Regardless of our culture and beliefs, we still are united in the aspect of courtesy and kindness. Therefore, there are certain standards that we need to adhere to in order to become acceptable in the world we stay. There are certain things or actions that we have to avoid so that we may be able to get the best from our social media interactions.

Things to Avoid In Utilizing Social Media

Our personality plays a big factor in our career building. We will gain respect by doing the right things. Here are some of the common mistakes that we should avoid if we are aiming to build a name.

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2. Avoid Ranting

Ranting is making unreasonable complaints. We rant about how unfair life is or how lousy the service of the hotel or restaurant. We rant about certain things, objects, people or life. We can complain about anything but it will not change the way things are.

3. Don’t be Rude

Rude is an act that is not showing respect or consideration for others. We should learn how to be socially refined before we post or interact in social media.

4. Avoid Being Pushy

Being pushy is an act of using forceful means to make others do what they want them to do. Some people who do small businesses online would sometimes resort to being excessively pushy. Let’s remember that not all these people using social media came here in order to buy a product or service.

5. Don’t Make a Promise That We Cannot Fulfill

If we cannot do it just simply say, no. We don’t have to promise to deliver something if we aren’t sure that we can fulfill it.

Helpful Tips to Remember

I have been using Facebook since 2008 and have been very successful in using it as a bookmarking site and marketing tool. I was able to form connections between people with similar interest which I believe is one of the best foundation when building a career.

We may not know everyone in order to be successful but portraying a good image online is really a big factor to consider. People will respect you based on your actions and not on what you want them to believe. Your posts can say so much about you.

Building your own name in the industry is the best foundation you could ever make. Similar to that in the offline world, you will be known for what the people see and hear about you. Your words, actions, type of work can contribute to your overall personality.

Our social media presence can help a lot in order to build our audience and readers in our blog. We can build followers, group, and communities. But above all, we can build a friendship.

Focus more on what you can give rather than on what you can get. With this mindset, we can surely expect success in whatever field we pursue.


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