Images as Effective Instrument in Driving Traffic To Your Site

Images driving traffic

Images are great ways to captivate our readers’ attention. Most people tend to look at the preview images and photos inside an article before they would give attention to the main article. Well presented and professional looking graphics can help increase visit to the post. Images serve as the main focal point of our posts, that is why it is imperative that we attached related images to our posts. One strategy to draw attention is to place a large and captivating image. As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words.

Functions of Images Inside an Article:

Apart from being the main attention grabber, Images play other important roles in an article. Here are some of the important functions of an image:

  • It gives clarity to the statements inside the article. 

We may have included some data within the article which needs to be explained further. Placing relevant image can help clarify the information presented.

  • Images serve as a proof of an existence of something mentioned in the post

Some posts require proof of the given statement. One good example is showing payment proofs. We tend to be more believable when we attached a photo.

  • It helps verify comparative statements

Showing comparison through a presentation of two scenarios can help in conveying information. Good examples of this are information presented with graphs. It is easy to understand a graphical presentation of those numerical values.

  • Images help in the presentation of step-by-step procedures

This is applicable to posts explaining procedures which need several steps. Oftentimes, attaching photos can help share ideas clearer rather than a post with pure text.

  • It maintains long engagement of the reader

Articles that talk about beautiful places should be provided with a relevant photo. People love to see photos of amazing places. thus, the more photos you have, the longer the reader will stay.

  • It can uplift the mood of the reader

Photos can help boost one’s mood. Showing happy images can affect us in a positive way.

How to Choose the Right Image

When choosing an image for our post, we should see to it that the picture or pictures we used are related to the article. We should also be aware that we cannot just pick out any picture from Google to be used in our post. These photos might be subject to copyright restrictions. It is best to use our own photos or make our own screenshots and we can edit it through online apps like Canva. We can also use photos from Pixabay because they are offering royalty free photos.

Before I started blogging, whenever I encountered uncommon words or phrase, I would always look for related images or pictures online. This would usually happen when I am doing some online task-based completion work.  I would try to place a specific word in Google in order to understand it by looking at how exactly it looks like. I am doing this especially if I am completing some tasks that require comparison or attaching keywords.

At the search bar, I would place the word and click images so that I could find photos that I need. I didn’t quite understand why I found the photos until I started blogging. My engagement in blogging helped me understand the concept.  A lot of new knowledge started to flow in while I am developing my new blog which I use WordPress as a blogging platform.

How to Upload Images to WordPress Blogs

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

I downloaded the Yoast SEO Plugin to serve as a guide. I love this plugin and it is helping me a lot. It would analyze the content and would give recommendations in order to improve the article. But my problem was with regards to the images I placed in the articles. There were some articles that would say I didn’t place an alt tag with the focus keyword on it.

I conducted thorough research in order to help me address the problem. Thanks to Google for helping me out. Slowly, I began to understand what was an ALT Tag is. I already have an SEO friendly site according to Seoptimizer as far my as the images on my articles are concerned.

The photos in an article must be a complete representation of the content of the post.   The proper ALT Tag (alternate tag) must also be included.

Featured Image

With WordPress Platform, we can upload featured image or additional photos to add life to our posts. We can add featured image or add photos to the main body of the article. When adding featured images, we need to click the designated featured image button located at the right side of the text editor. We are going to be directed to the media section where we either select from our existing photos or upload a new one from our computers.

How to Fill in Attributions

Images: How They Helped in Driving Traffic To Your Site

We should fill in the needed attributions and description of the photo. So much so, we should see to it that the keyword we are using is the one we place on the alt attribution box, otherwise, we will be prompted by the system of not having properly attributed the image that we have. This will be the cause for the lower rating on the SEO of our site.

Options for resizing the images are available. We just fill in the desired size on the box and presto! we have an amazing image attached to our article.

However, placing too many images in an article can also cause to slow down the loading process.  Please keep in mind that readers are impatient with slow loading pages. Unless the photos are needed for procedural demonstration,  attaching one image would be enough. 

Using images wisely can certainly help draw tons traffic to our sites.

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  1. I have such good internet now that I forget how awful it is to wait for photos to load. I do remember that though, and it’s a good reminder not to use too many on my own blog. Thanks for the tips/insight.

  2. I really need to figure out how better to understand the attribute sections of the picture. This definitely is such useful and needed information. Thanks for the great info.

  3. I don’t use word press bought these tips you listed here are really important and I think they are useful. I also agree on putting the right relatable images along with the content.

  4. What a great reminded to make sure images in our post need to be on point. Pictures can be SO helpful for driving traffic to a blog. Awespom.

  5. Very true indeed. I am always so deliberate about using images for my posts, it is actually very effective in driving traffic to one’s blog. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  6. Very well explained.
    An image is a very important part of WordPress blogging, it should be very creative and should look unique to define a blog.

  7. The more reason why a great camera is a must have for anyone working to communicate online. This is practical advice for everyone. From bloggers to your everyday Joe out to connect with family and friends on their personal social media sites.

    1. Hi, Lwandaz! I would love to have a DSLR camera because I also want to try creating a travel blog. That would be the first thing that I need. Thank you for giving useful advice.

  8. Images on your site can have a huge effect on traffic to your site. I will have to share this post with my Sister. She is just starting out.

  9. Thank you for these! I always try to have images in my posts. A few years ago I never bothered, and I didn’t get as much traffic. So yes, images are always in my posts now.

    1. Hi, Heather! It is really a must to add photos when we write about crafts and recipes. I want to learn more about Pinterest. I have an account but don’t quite understand the benefit in can make to improve my blogging experience. Thank you for the idea.

    1. Hi, caty! Yes, we should make the most of the photos inside our article so that we may be able to get the best benefit out of it. Thank you for dropping by.

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