Online Tools for Virtual Assistants

Online tools for virtual assistants

Business or company owners’ main goal is to deliver the best products and services to their clients. We are aware of the fact that they cannot do all the necessary work on their own. They need the help of other people to do part of tasks for them. Be it an offline or online business, is imperative to find a competent and knowledgeable person to do the job.

As individuals working online as freelancers, we also want to work with a company that offers competitive salaries or remuneration.  It is a must that we are equipped with  knowledge and skills to do the job. This would help us deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. Remember that the success of the companies relies on our hands.

Whether you ‘re a business owner or a freelancer, you need to be equipped with necessary tools to effectively accomplish the required work for a certain project. Team work and time management are two of the most important factors in achieving great success in any business.  Having the necessary software tools for our specific online business needs would certainly help us achieve better results.

Here are some of the online software tools needed for an effective business management. These tools would be needed by both the company and the individuals working for the business. 


Basecamp is an online software application which helps organize projects and provide effective internal communications. It is a shared place for the team that serves as a venue for company-wide communication, updates, and progress monitoring. This online software tool is excellent in providing effective team collaboration.  The platform provides every needed function in one common place accessible to all the members of the team.

Communication is one of the vital requisites to effectively manage a group, Consider the fact that we are working remotely and we only rely on our internet for an exchange of information. Working with the group needs the right approach to synchronize the movement of each member in order to achieve success.

How Basecamp Works:

Instead of using different platforms in order to complete a given project – we can use one product which captured all the necessary functions. We can have our materials strewn across different online platforms or we can use Basecamp. It is a software that gathers all the things needed by the company in one common place.

Members of the team for a specific project has a direct access to an organized, clear and compact platform so everyone knows what to do, everyone knows where things are placed and everyone can get the needed document.

At the Basecamp homepage, the whole project monitoring area is in place, called HQ. It features all the necessary things needed to facilitate the completion of a project. There are 6 core tools available at the HQ which can be accessed on one page, such as:

  • Campfire – designed for a casual chat within the team
  • Message Board – Post announcements, pitch ideas, progress updates
  • To-do’s – An area to make a list of what is need to be done, assign item, set due dates, add notes and discuss
  • Schedule – Set important dates on shared schedules. Subscribe to events
  • Automatic Check-in – to get insights from the team on a regular basis
  • Docs & Files – an area for shared documents organized in folders so it would be easy to find

The application is available in all operating system, hence members of the team can have access at any given time and/or place as long as there is an internet connection.

Basecamp may come with a price, starting from $20 dollars per month which can accommodate up to 10 projects with and 3GB of space. The system can replace several different platforms, hence a great savings of time which could lead to more outputs and thus more benefits for the business.


I started using dropbox with the purpose of sharing large files which cannot be accommodated by the email provider. I find it very effective especially when it comes to submission of reports that require photo attachments.

This online storage application allows users to store 2-5 GB of files for free. It is easy to use and the storage integrates with Mac and Windows file management making the process so much easier. the best thing is that you can just right-click the file and share the link to other members of the team or office.


Dropbox is best for sharing Excel spreadsheet, photos and images and other documents needed for business.


You can use it for free or upgrade to Pro Plan which costs $9.99 per month for increased storage capacity of up to 100 GB.


Google Docs is a free online platform that allows users to create, share and edit a document in real-time through a secure system. With this platform, users can upload basic files and do the editing online by converting them into different forms of files. Members of a team or group can work simultaneously on a specific file. Chat option is also available for members to exchange opinions and ideas while working.


Working with a client who is living miles away is not anymore a problem. With this modern technology, any individual can communicate to anyone from other places. Skype is one of the ideal online tools for this purpose.

For a small fee, we can use the system to call anybody on their mobile phone. We can also talk to anybody from around the world just like talking face-to-face.

The system also has a chat feature which is accessible anytime.


WordPress is the best tool for creating a blog or website for products and services. They have ready-made themes for any business type or model. The platform is easy to use and even without coding skills. 


Having different social media accounts is necessary especially when you are doing online business which requires a large group of people where you could present your product. Hotsuite is all you need to maintain social media presence in one place.

Different activities may need different online tools in order to help us facilitate our business. We can use any of these online software tools depending on our needs. Our aim is to facilitate, make the most of our time and achieve a success in whatever line of business we may have.

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