Online Working …What’s Stopping You?


Online Working in the Modern World

The modern world has much to offer, working online is among those benefits.  Especially with the current technological advancement, anybody who has the potential can actually make enough earnings even without leaving their homes. This is the latest trend, a good effect of the modern technology.

Working online through freelancing is doing a piece of work for one or more online company or organization. It means working on your own time. Freelance means you have no direct employee-employer relationship. You work on a contract, or on a project in a given condition.

Online working is the new trend. More people are trying to engage in this kind of activity, primarily to earn additional income and some to gain freedom. Whatever the reason, they do it for their own benefit.

Are you benefiting from this?

The conventional way of earning is now slowly being replaced by the new and state of the art and modern ways. This is the product of human’s creative imagination and innovative thinking. The benefit is enormous and sometimes unbelievable. Those who are open to challenges and risk takers are the one who has the greatest advantage. Different ideas and concepts are cropping out which are of great help to a number of people.

Although the positive effect can already be seen, there are still those who are resistant to changes and would choose to stick on the traditional way of making a living.  There are some reasons for the struggle and perhaps we cannot force them into something they have a little to no knowledge.

Here are some of the reasons why there are several who opted to stick to their old ways of earning method:

1. Online Work Does Not Offer Security 

Some people think that it would be better to have a day job because there is no assurance of having a long-term work with a job that is being done online. There is no security and there is no additional benefit which they are enjoying their day job.

While it is true that working online does not give us a guarantee that we would be able to earn more than we are earning offline, I believe that if we work hard and continue to learn, we would be able to get additional income which can exceed our income from our day job. It does not necessarily mean that when we work online, we are already going to give up our day job. We have the option to do it on a part-time. It is just a matter of setting our priorities and we can start with that.

2. Lack of Technical Know-How 

Some people cannot adapt to this type of activity because of their lack of capacity and skills in order to do the needed work. They believe that having to work online, one must be an Information Technology expert or someone that has studied programming and related field.

Learning new things every day is something that can truly give us satisfaction. Online has available tools and video tutorials which can help us with what we need. We just need to do the research and almost everything you need is there.

3. The absence of Equipment and Tools 

Computer desktop, laptop, headset and other tools are what we need in order to start with our online work. Unfortunately, some do not have these gadgets and that is what prevents them from starting.

Some of the most successful online workers nowadays actually start working in a computer shop. They learned and worked hard until they were able to save the amount they needed to purchase the needed gadget.

4. Slow and Unstable Internet Connection 

One of the most important things we need in order to work online is a fast and stable internet connection. Without this, we won’t be able to do the work. There are also times that companies set certain requirements as to the speed of an internet connection. 

Check with your neighborhood and other people who are working online. Ask what Internet Service Provider they are using and compare services from the available ISPs in your area. This way, you can be able to pick out the best provider.

5. Lack of Time 

This is one of the most common reasons for some people for not doing this type of work. They would usually say, they have no time or they so busy to enter into another activity.

Time is an essential element in order to be successful in this endeavor.  We have to prioritize our activities so as we may be able to provide the necessary amount of time for the most important things. List down all your activities and classify them as important, necessary, essential or can be deferred. With this method, you will be able to choose which activities are needed to be pursued and which can be set aside.

We can choose to embrace change or stay in our traditional ways. Whatever we do, will depend mostly on our choices. Nothing is permanent in this world. Opportunities may come and choose to let it go, may not be a wise decision.

Sharon Lopez

Hello everyone! I am glad that you were able to visit my site. I am Sharon S Lopez, a freelance writer, a blogger and a certified a call auditor. I hope that the contents of my site could provide you with the necessary information as you go about your online journey.