What’s Your Dream Job?

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“What’s your dream job?” I encountered the question from one of the facebook groups which focuses on freelancing guides and techniques which I joined recently. The facebook admin would like to know some details from the group members and that was one of the questions. I find that part funny because I guess I already found my dream job, but my dream salary.

How Do We Build Our Dream?

I remember when the teacher asked the very same question when I was young.  My classmates answered, teacher, policeman, doctor, lawyer, stewardess.  I answered I want to be a dressmaker or a sewer. That was some decades ago and I didn’t even know what was my teacher was thinking when I have that reply.

Some years ago, my daughter asked me the same question when she came home from school. “Mother, what was your dream job when you were a kid?

“I wanted to be a dressmaker or a sewer.”

“What a pity!”

“But, why?”

“You haven’t realized your dream yet,” and she laughed.

Being a child, we usually dream of achieving what we usually see from the people around us. In my case, my mother used to be a dressmaker before she became a teacher. That was probably the reason why I said I want to be a dressmaker.

Our desires would eventually change as we expose to new things. That’s human nature.

Current Situation

I am working in the government and being able to serve the people is something that I love doing. It is my happiness to be of help to the community. I gained respect, being look up to and I can feel my importance in the organization. The only setback on this kind of job is that the compensation is somehow insufficient for us to live a somewhat comfortable life.

It’s a reality. In fact, more professionals and employees have to suffer the same inconveniences when commuting every day to the extent that we have to stand inside the bus or jeepney in order to reach our respective workplaces. This is an everyday scenario that I can witness and there is some part of me telling that this is not good. Since we are working seriously, it is also necessary that we experience some conveniences like having a nice vehicle that we may not experience difficulties of travelling to our respective work places.

This is one reason why I continue to look for an additional source of income and working online is the best option for me, I believe. Working at home can give me additional source of fund and can be a very exciting activity. There are so much that we can learn. Learning new things every day is something that I always look forward to. Freelancing is now on an advance stage and in fact more people are switching from the 8 to 5 work to online freelancing.

The Benefits of Working From home

At this current time, when the cost of living is going up, we should not rely on one source of income. Having an additional job which could give us additional earnings is a much better thing to be considered.

I still have my dream, or should  I say dreams, and I am currently working for the fulfillment of my vision.

How about you, What’s your dream job?

“A dream will remain a dream unless we wake up and start working for it”

Sharon Lopez

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