Earn Money Online From Completing Simple Tasks

Simple Tasks

Unless you have a longer time availability which you can utilize in order to apply to some client-based jobs, completing simple tasks or micro tasks during your free time can also be a good option. Not only that, the skills we can learn from these simple jobs can be used as additional credentials when we opted to pursue a client-based work.

Task-based job opportunities are being offered by several online sites and the payment would usually be given on a weekly basis or upon reaching a certain threshold amount. One of the setbacks with task-based jobs is that the tasks may not be available at all times and the payment is somewhat low. 

The tasks are simple which can range from outlining an image, bounding boxes, providing keywords and descriptions, answering a question, data entry, writing, transcribing, categorizing calls and other simple projects that anyone can do without any previous experience.

I enjoy completing simple tasks whenever I get home from work or during weekends and holidays. It is a sort of stress reliever and at the same time a source of additional income. A little amount would be just fine. I learned a lot of things doing these tasks.

Where Can We Find Task-Based Jobs?

I have here a list of some sites which allow members to earn by completing task-based jobs or simple tasks.

1. Humanatic.com

A company that offers call reviewing jobs. The members’ main task is to review and categorize pre-recorded phone conversations between a company’s agent and the client. The calls can be outbound or inbound calls and mostly related to car sales or service. A verified PayPal account is the primary requirement before anybody could apply for the job. The applicant will be notified through his or her email with the username and password that will be used to enter the working platform and start working. The process may take a day or several days. When I applied, it only took several hours and I received an email with the login information.

New members will be offered two categories to start with, the Inbound and Outbound calls. Guidelines are provided and from time to time, the company would send updates. Tasks are available from 10 PM up to 6 AM PST. The site pays every Tuesday or Wednesday. The member can request payment as long he/she reached the minimum amount of $10 before 12 midnight of Monday.

At present, the site is experiencing several issues which cause the slow earnings of members. But just the same, this is a good way to earn extra.

2.  Spare5

If you have a good control over the mouse, you are going to earn from this site. Spare5 offers several tasks such as image tagging, annotation, editing and reviewing.  You can sign up using your Facebook account and you will be required to take qualifiers before you can receive tasks on your dashboard. The payment depends on the difficulty of a given task. Payments are automatically credited to your PayPal account every Saturday. You don’t need to request to receive payment. As long as you have earned $5 for the week before cut off, you will automatically receive the payment.

One good thing about this site is that you can be able to complete tasks using iPhone. Unfortunately, they don’t offer tasks for Android users.

3. Scale API

This is almost similar to Spare5 but unlike Spare5 members of Scale are paid per hour based on the task submitted correctly. So if you worked on 100 tasks and they are all marked correct and if the total time spent on these correct tasks is 1 hour, you will be paid the hourly amount. All pay outs are pro-rated.

Payments are paid weekly to your PayPal account. Members are paid on Monday of each week. There are times when the site pays earlier so the excess amount on the dashboard shall be rolled over to the next payment.

Tasks are similar to the tasks available in Spare5. You also need to pass the exam before you will be given tasks on your dashboard.

4. CrowdFlower

One of my favorite task based work in this platform is the transcribing of receipt which would require the members to find a specific product in the receipt and copying the amount and the number of items purchased in the box provided. It is an easy task and can be available from time to time.

Other task based jobs such as finding a specific person, trying out websites, visiting sites and other simple tasks can be available from time to time.

Crowd Flower can be accessed through several sites and I started working on this company when Clixsense provided access to the program. The earnings may not be that high but it can be a good source of additional income.

Here is a screen shot of my Crowd Flower Dashboard:

Crowd Flower Dashboard

On the final thought:

Completing simple tasks may not give us big amount of earnings because these are usually client based tasks which are awarded to contractors. Thus, the payment they give is somewhat low.  However, this can also be a good source of additional income. Completing simple tasks can be a good option if we have a day job yet we still want to earn on the side. There will be no time commitment since we did not enter a deal with anybody.

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