Different Types of Work We Can Do Online

Online Working

Online Working is not anymore a new thing and it has been continuously growing every year. According to the Department of Science and Technology, the Philippines is now among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of people doing online jobs.  Plus, more cities in the country have joined the league of 100 destinations all over the world ideal for Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM). Source

3 Types or Categories of Online Work

Similar to the usual ways of generating income that we experience offline, there are also different types of work that we can do online. The major difference is that we have to do the work using our laptop or computer and an internet connection.

I have classified online working into 3 types or categories:

  • Task-Based Jobs
  • Client-Based Jobs
  • Work Independently

Although we can see that these are all related to work, we can probably gain some insights on what specific type of work is suitable for us.


Sample of task-based work

These are online jobs that are paid based on the number of tasks available. These are usually offered by certain sites such as Humanatic, CrowdFlower, Scale API, Spare5, Microworkers.  There are also survey sites that are designed to offer payment based on the amount of work completed.

This kind of work has no worker-client relationship. Workers can do the job at their own time. There is no limit on the amount of work that they can do. This type of work offers payment based on the difficulty of a certain task being offered. A specific task payment may start from $.01 or higher depending on the site offering the said job. The amount we can earn from engaging in this type of work may vary depending on the availability of work. Some people earn around $20 to $60 per day.

As a beginner in the online field, I personally recommend this type of work unless we have a specific skill which we can use to do a client-based job or work independently. The site may require you to pass a certain examination in order for you to be eligible to complete tasks. I recommend joining social media groups so that they may be able to help you. Some of these task-based sites are offering an additional incentive for sharing the opportunity to others so members are encouraged to share the opportunities.

How Do We Receive Payments?

Most of these sites are offering PayPal as a payment option when they started. However, due to the recent changes in the PayPal’s policies, some of these sites were banned from sending payment using Paypal’s platform.  Make sure to check with the site what payment processor they are accepting and whether this option is available in your country.

How to Open a PayPal Account

Tip: Be careful when working with these sites and make sure to follow instructions. Most sites are requiring high accuracy level to open up additional work. Failure to do so may be a reason for the banning of account.


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

These are those jobs that are being offered by a specific client depending on the needs of their company or business. Work offered can be a simple data entry job, transcribing or social media management, there is also job offers on video/photo editing, virtual assistant, writing, teaching or as complex as website design and management. Online companies such as Online Filipino Jobs, Freelancer, Guru.com, and Upwork are offering these opportunities. These companies serve as a bridge between the client and the worker.

The work availability relies on the needs of clients. Just like in offline working where we need to find a company that will hire us to do a specific job. Businessmen from all over the world opted to use online technology to hire people from other countries. This may be easier for them and they find it less expensive rather than hiring a permanent employee to do a specific task.

Depending on the client, some of the work being offered here are also full time and long term. But there are also jobs which can be done on a part-time.

Considering that the jobs are opened to a large number of people, competition should be expected. So we need to check on our skills if this would fit the needed requirement for the job. Most of the client may come from other countries, so we should also take into consideration our time availability. Most often, we need to work on a night shift.

Tip: Before applying for a job, we should make a thorough research on what it takes to be an effective freelance worker. Joining social media groups can be an advantage.


Online business – Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

These are the kind of online activities where we are in direct control of our activities. We plan, execute and manage our business. Our success or failure would depend primarily on our own actions.  This type of work can include website designs/set up, domain flipping, writing, blogging, selling, trading, investments, foreign exchange and other online activities which can give us a good source of income without an employer.

One of the advantages of having this type of work is the opportunity of having a high return and passive income. However, since we own the business, we need to shoulder all the expenses from the planning up to the implementation of our plans. This can be very uncertain too, especially on those activities requiring investments.  This type of work is suited for Risk takers and adventurous.

Advantage of Working Independently

The people who engaged in this type of work are most likely to become the clients or customers of the ‘client-based’ workers. Because there may be some aspect of the business, which they may not be knowledgeable, they tend to hire someone who can do it for them.

The income we can get from this type of work has no limit and would depend on how we carry out our plans. Our skills play a big factor. Learning every detail is necessary in order for us to be successful in this field.

Learning the different skills necessary for the business and having the right group can certainly help us succeed on our quest for online success.

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