The Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home

Working for a living is a crucial part of our life. We need a primary source of income in order to sustain out our day-to-day expenses. Daily activities would usually start at 4:00 AM. We need to wake up this early in order prepare for today’s work.

Working, Why We Hold On?

Our workplace might be in another location, probably in another town or city, which would take more than an hour of travel before we could reach the place, we need to be on the bus or jeepney terminal at least 6:15 in the morning. Otherwise, we might miss the trip and would have to wait for another 15 minutes before the next bus or jeepney would leave the terminal. The worst scenario was when we reached the terminal and the public vehicle is about to leave because there was no more space for new passengers, and yet we insisted and found ourselves hanging on the jeepney’s ledge for more than an hour in our desire not to be late at work.

This is a common scenario in the life of an ordinary employee, particularly in the Philippines where the primary mode of public transportation is the jeepney. This thing applies mostly to those living in some rural areas. Teachers and other professionals are no exceptions. Those living in urban cities like Manila most likely experienced heavy traffic in their everyday life as an employee.

Our Performance at Work

Nobody would want to be late when coming to work. Being late means deduction from leave credits or salary. It can also mean getting a lower rate on the Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) and the would certainly affect the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB). Most often, you start and end up the day thinking about the time, especially now that biometric Fingerprint Scanners are already in place in every government and private offices.

Being an employee, we need to comply with the time requirement of a company or office. This is only one of the reasons why more and more people nowadays are starting to consider working from home as an alternative or probably their main source of income. The freedom in terms of time is one of the most common considerations why people from anywhere in the world would give up their day job to shift to home-based jobs.

Working from home offers benefits which an individual person cannot find in a regular day job. Here is the list of benefits you can get when you decide to work from home based on some observations and personal experience:

How to Earn Online During Your Spare Time


What could be better than working under your own rules and terms? Being the boss of your own work is probably the greatest perk of working from home.  You are in-charge of your own business!


You are free to work at your own pace at your own time and can make your own strategy. You can assess your own skills and can make necessary adjustments depending on the result of your work.


Our home is probably the most convenient place for us. We can make arrangements based on our taste and what suits our mood.


There is no limit on the work that we can do. the time we save from the travel can already be used for other worthwhile activities.


Since we are in our own home, we can be with our family most of the time. This would mean more time to talk and have a quality time together.


Not only that we save our time, we also save money that we use for transportation. Thereby, allowing us to save more and get enough rest.


Especially those who are working online, we can allocate time in order to learn new skills. Learning additional skills would mean new opportunity to find more jobs.


Depending on how we manage our time, we can schedule our work loads based on our priorities. Since we can explore more with our time, it would also be an opportunity to earn more.


Although problems may arise in whatever situation we are in, working at home can certainly help us lessen the stress as compared to that when we are working outside our home.


Having in control of time, having more freedom, learning more skills and earning more can help us develop self-confidence.

Although, there are also important things to be considered before you finally give up your main job and jump into home-based working. Please remember that an employee is entitled to a counterpart in mandatory contributions in Government Insurance Policies and can avail of leave privileges. But considering the given benefits, working from home can be a good alternative to consider.

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