How to Earn Online During Your Spare Time

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Whether we intend to work for a full time or during our extra time, we can always find an online work which could give as an additional income. Online jobs are already popular nowadays and in fact, more and more people are opting to work using the internet because of the many advantages it could offer.

Online Working, a Good Alternative

The rise and growth of the modern technology are a great way to help the people. We can work at our own time and without leaving our home. This would mean,  huge savings on gas or transportation expenses. We can actually work anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. We can work using our laptop or even our mobile phones.

On top of these great benefits, is the reality that when we work online, we are the BOSS!

However, finding a real work online may not be that easy.  But for sure, every problem has a solution, so why worry? One of the challenges that we might encounter is finding the right site. If we would start searching for an online work that is suited with our skills and time availability, it would most often lead to confusion and we end up wasting our time rather than spending it on more important things. The searching process is quite time-consuming due to a lot of factors that we need to consider.

I would recommend finding and joining social media groups with members of the same interest. Facebook, Google, Linked are very helpful places in this kind of venture. Members of specific groups are there to help one another. You can ask questions and for sure, members will be there to help and guide you.

Work Online During Free Time

Among the different online sites that offer tasks or micro jobs in exchange for some considerable amount, here is a site that I considered as a good place to earn. Since I am a full-time government employee and I could only work online during my free time,  I find this site as convenient and easy to deal with. In fact, this is my favorite site at the time I am writing this article.

I started working on the site in September 2016 when a facebook friend posted the link on her wall. Being an active online worker, I started right away and received my first payment on the following week. The minimum amount to be eligible for the weekly payment was only one (1) dollar back then. However, the site increased the minimum payout to five (5) dollars after several months.

The site pays through Paypal. You will be required to enter your email address associated with your Paypal account before you could receive your payment. If you don’t have Paypal account yet, you may refer to this link for the steps in opening an account.

How to Open a PayPal Account

There are several skills you need to work on before you could be eligible to work or complete tasks. These are an annotation, categorization, phone survey, rating, research, and writing.  Series of qualifiers must be completed and passed before you get tasks for completion.

The number of tasks available is dependent on several factors, such as the demographic targeting, your XP or experience points or level in different skills. When you are eligible to complete a specific task, it would appear on your task list. The best way to receive tasks is to complete the tutorials and qualifiers given by the site and to constantly check whenever possible the available tasks.

Focus on Accuracy

Our work is also being checked for accuracy, so it is advisable to do our best in completing the tasks given to us.

Completing tasks is the main way in order to earn from the site, however, we could also earn through referral commission whenever we invite our friends. Each time our referral earns $10, we are entitled to a $2 bonus and our referral gets an extra $1. This runs through our referral’s first 180 days or their first $100 in earnings (whichever comes first).

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